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Relax Every Day With Sac Dep Spa #0290


1. Overview

Pustules are small bumps on the skin that contain fluid or pus. They usually appear as white bumps surrounded by red skin. These bumps look very similar to pimples, but they can grow quite big.

Pustules may develop on any part of the body, but they most commonly form on the back, chest, and face. They may be found in clusters on the same area of the body.

Pustules may be a form of acne typically caused by hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes in the body. This is a very common skin condition, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

You can treat pustules with medication, or surgery in extreme cases, if they become bothersome.

Some people with acne present with small white or yellow spots surrounded by a swollen reddish painful area, which is an infected and inflamed hair follicle with the contained sebum.

The pus points at one spot on the overlying skin, which forms the white dot. Papules and pustules often occur together.

When they are clustered in significant numbers, the individual is said to have moderate to severe acne. Pustular acne is part of the disease category called inflammatory acne.


Step 1: Clean your face

This step is most important if you don't want your acne to be more severe.

Remove make-up and wash your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type before going into the process of pushing stubborn pimples out of your skin.

Makeup remover is required to clean your face, not just washing your face.

Because dirt, makeup residue, sunscreen, ... can stick deep inside the pores.

If you just used a cleanser, don't wash it off completely.

Therefore, using more mild makeup removers will help you cleanse your pores more.

Use an alcohol-free makeup remover to protect the skin, avoiding irritation and dryness.

The selected makeup remover should also be a soft, lint-free cotton.

Besides, when you choose a cleanser, you should use one that is suitable for the skin, gentle, has a balanced pH, the composition does not contain skin irritants, ensuring cleaning does not bring side effects.

You can choose from a number of cleansers with added anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties such as turmeric, honey, aloe vera, ...

Step 2: Sanitize hands and disinfect tools to squeeze acne

Good hand washing is no less important than face hygiene.

The hands are the most bacteria-rich places that the naked eye can see.

Therefore, if you normally get in the habit of touching your face with your hands, the acne will be worse and worse.

Step 3: Steam your face

The steam will help expand pores, support the process of bringing the acne out easily and reduce pain sensation.

Step 4: Proceed to squeeze acne

You can use cotton wool to gently push up the pimple, in case it is dry and has emerged on the skin surface.

Alternatively, you can use your hands to squeeze, but wrap your fingertips with a cotton ball or medical gauze soaked in antiseptic alcohol to make sure it doesn't infect the pimple.

Step 5: Gently squeeze the pimple out

You must be able to identify pimples that can be squeezed and those that cannot be pressed, to minimize difficult-to-treat scars.

This is your very concern. Squeeze pimples gently, do not rub the impact, causing acne to remain inside the core, which can cause skin infection, spreading acne more.

Step 6: Wash your face and take care of your skin after squeezing pimples

You can gently wipe with normal saline to help antibacterial for newly removed pimples.

Use a mask to soothe skin.

Use a mask specially designed for acne skin to avoid skin allergies.

Relax Every Day With Sac Dep Spa #0290


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Marlena Kristine . 28/02/2021 06:58:10
My favorite type of acne :D
Cris Aloha . 28/02/2021 06:34:59
Sac Dep Spa You’re Amazing and you do an Awesome job!
Monique Fails . 28/02/2021 06:27:28
Teresa Fincher . 28/02/2021 06:13:22
Of all the pores she opened on the neck she only cleaned 7 properly. Shame on you Thuy.
Cyrene the Cat . 28/02/2021 06:05:30
I really love the ones with a variety like this. it's so fascinating how there can be dry hairy yellow one right next to a soft creamy one right next to a little seed pearl. I can't watch just blackheads anymore.
amopotato . 28/02/2021 05:57:51
I like to guess which one is popped next.
NW BeautyGuru . 28/02/2021 05:55:39
Wear a pink shirt in your next video if you read the comments 😉
Ngochai Vi . 28/02/2021 05:44:48
Tiệm mình ở đâu vậy
SuSu oftx . 28/02/2021 05:32:48
We get 19 minutes on small pops and 10 minutes in amazing pops like this!! not fair 😂😂😂
Bonnie Cunningham . 28/02/2021 05:25:38
Than[k you Thuy. Enjoyed
Fatima Gomes . 28/02/2021 05:18:37
Bob Burke . 28/02/2021 05:05:43
brandadyanne . 28/02/2021 04:40:57
For some reason it is the cotton fibers on the glove that gross me out. Not the actual body fluids.
Denise Benetti . 28/02/2021 04:09:49
I truly enjoy watching these videos but I have to wonder if they are also treating his condition not you just squeezing out the pimples. I hope they are doing something to help this young me and not produce this whatever it is.
Lisa Springer . 28/02/2021 04:02:09
This isn't relaxing most of the times the pores aren't cleaned out all the way and it stresses me out!!
Debra Brozovich . 28/02/2021 03:48:50
Good pops. Nice camera work. Great video
Maria Carol Rocha . 28/02/2021 03:47:17
1,02 mi!! I can't belive there are so many of us weirdos out there!!! 🤣
j Salp . 28/02/2021 03:37:43
It’s time to wind down and fall asleep- lock doors- brush teeth - floss - this -😴
Durty Redd . 28/02/2021 03:30:25
This video is a keeper. Fantastic job!!!
Christel Sanchez . 28/02/2021 03:20:41
Sometimes she’s awesome and sometimes she just doesn’t give a d***. She scraps the tops off and leaves the core in this video. Geez, it’s so frustrating. I feel for the person too. They’re trusting that they are getting the help that they paid or ask for. She clearly could care less in this video.Btw, this is my opinion. I have the right to saw what I want. For all of the obsessive comments censors, just know I could care less how you feel about my comment. I’m going to preface by saying stop being so OBSESSED with commenters.
Audra Baldwin . 28/02/2021 02:55:39
Total aside: Does anyone else go to check their phone only to realize they’re watching the video on their phone and it’s someone’s phone in the video that is dinging? 😅😅
Nahid Borhani . 28/02/2021 02:42:17
My heart still is with some of them weren't get emptied completely
Danette Fischer . 28/02/2021 02:36:44
I couldn’t watch the last one because he was crying and I felt so sorry for him
Heather Bowlan . 28/02/2021 02:36:27
Great Job Miss THUY ! Keep up getting out those plugs 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Chezza V . 28/02/2021 02:30:26
I was thinking it was Hung!
Heather Bowlan . 28/02/2021 02:27:36
I guess WE are all OUT OF THE CLOSET now everyone knows we’re addicted to PIMPLE POPPING !! OH NO !!!LOL 😕😟😬😬😬🤐🤐🤐🤭🤭🤭🤭🤤🤤🤤🥴🥴🥴
Lisa McMaster . 28/02/2021 02:14:39
Wow!! So much better. Great job
MadBeatz Web Radio Lady-TLIB . 28/02/2021 02:03:29
Where's part 2?
Brittany Dziennik . 28/02/2021 01:45:35
Thank you Thuy ❤🌻 You always do such great work.
Riss316 . 28/02/2021 01:39:23
Great video!
Michelle Phillips . 28/02/2021 01:36:24
Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇬🇧
Lynn Saintignan . 28/02/2021 01:34:08
Is this "Bo" sure hope so and if is marvelous work!
Roxann Jones . 28/02/2021 01:33:00
I could watch these kind for HOURS
Jewel Ginty . 28/02/2021 01:18:29
Back at our daily hangout, watching all those satisfying pops 😉
Hilary Paterson-Jones . 28/02/2021 01:07:54
Jeez wish people would put their phones on silent!! Most annoying!
Olga Lopez . 28/02/2021 00:50:40
Para q hacen ese trabajo y lo hacen mal !
Julien Arbor . 28/02/2021 00:42:33
Does anyone else get excited when you see a clogged pore and that’s the one that Thuy extracts right after you spotted it? Soooo satisfying! 😂
Q O . 28/02/2021 00:40:39
Looks painful 😣
Báo HYy . 28/02/2021 00:38:58
Where spa live?
Edna Maria Oliveira Dos Santos . 28/02/2021 00:37:54
Hosana Carvalho . 28/02/2021 00:26:35
Iludida Por Bts . 28/02/2021 00:22:39
Eu nn sei por que ;^; acho nojento 😝😝 mais satisfatório 😪😪
Curlylokx . 28/02/2021 00:21:53
What is the treatment after this procedure I wonder. What are the after care steps to do at home. Hope someone can answer as I would really like to do this on someone.
Q O . 27/02/2021 23:55:28
Looks painful 😣
Emma Martin . 27/02/2021 23:47:18
I wonder how much training these people get? I've had an idea how this place could make some extra money
Linda Smith . 27/02/2021 23:46:29
Wow, this was great! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Andrea Unsworth . 27/02/2021 23:44:52
Can you stop with the subtitles because cant see anything
عاشقة BTS army and BTS . 27/02/2021 23:38:52
ماشاءالله الدكتورة قلبها قوي😭😭😭
Kathryn Carlson . 27/02/2021 23:35:17
As much as I love the blackheads these fat whiteheads are ever so entertaining as well
Lourdes Severo . 27/02/2021 23:25:11
Gosto muito de ver esses vidios
Lourdes Severo . 27/02/2021 23:23:50
jeanine sawvell . 27/02/2021 23:18:20
Is this the same guy that had the face acne?
Kristy Smith . 27/02/2021 23:15:07
Focus is just too close.
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Wow! He was worse than the last one but I wonder what she recommend for them to use on the face?
Artisan51 . 27/02/2021 23:11:56
If you SQUEEZED the zits instead of pinching them, you wouldn’t leave debris hanging out of the pores!?!?
R.R.321 R.R.321 . 27/02/2021 23:02:18
yes !!! very good !!!
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Sometimes it looks like she just pokes random spots and get luckily lol
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Lilithanne . 27/02/2021 22:38:01
Great pops and great job, Miss Thuy. 🐱
JULIE LAMB . 27/02/2021 22:32:20
What’s wrong with me? I saw neck pops and got excited.
Tammy Ash . 27/02/2021 22:26:50
She's not emptying the whole thing. He will have to come back all over again
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💖💯👍 thank you for your hard work
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You must take off the sebaceous 🤬
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Omg no its his neck lol
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Thank you I love your videos 🌸
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Skin worms
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⭐🌟Good ,I like Your Chanel Sac ,I Fans your Chanel from 🇲🇾✌🏼⭐🌟
Benjamin Osorio . 27/02/2021 21:51:19
👎Porque motivo me voy a seguir preguntando los comedones que no salen así de golpe a la primer apretada ella no los termina de sacar. Desde el principio la cámara toma que queda resto de grasa adentro. Por ser suave no exprime bien los rebeldes 👎
Beauty by Nature . 27/02/2021 21:46:16
Second squeeze, please.
Beth . 27/02/2021 21:42:45
Uk lady Fan . 27/02/2021 21:34:22
Some lovely pops and well filmed thank you
Maria Del Mar Martin . 27/02/2021 21:32:50
Beatrice G. . 27/02/2021 21:31:38
Great vid but the camera shakes got me headache and nausea! :(
Jo B . 27/02/2021 21:27:17
I feel like I’ve seen this one
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Video was looped
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Muito bom
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This is another great one
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This is a repeat video!
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Thank you Thuy 😘🌹❤️
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I am waiting on part 2 3 4 and the 5 I am waiting.
Joan Woods . 27/02/2021 20:59:00
Nina Frank . 27/02/2021 20:58:31
I know this is a small thing, but I don’t like them wiping all the crap on their glove. It must be convenient because the majority do it. I’d rather see them use a piece of cotton to keep the tops if their gloves cleaner. Just an observation.
Heather Cashero . 27/02/2021 20:57:28
Love! Just wish it was longer so we could see the rest!
Marilyn Jacobs-Simmons . 27/02/2021 20:53:38
Liz Duchaney . 27/02/2021 20:51:12
Is this Hung!?
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I am liking BuBu plus. They do a complete job
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Why is the video so much shorter now?
Emma Blake . 27/02/2021 20:45:01
They are
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If this is Bo’s back, this is nothing short of miraculous!
Ivey3030 . 27/02/2021 20:33:48
I know I'm not just speaking for myself. I really think the tech should go back to the spot at least a second time and see if all the contents are out. Most of these will just come back. I love the fact that there are so many new vids and they are really good but not fully efficient.
ixtasis . 27/02/2021 20:26:36
Juicy, right where I like them.
ANITA WOOD . 27/02/2021 20:26:16
Why is this esthetician the only one filmed now? Why are the videos so short with a bunch of ads now? Why is there no description in the name anymore?
popoholics. com . 27/02/2021 20:25:35
Wow, loads of great pops here! But I always like a nice clean escape 0:55 😊
Fairly Vague . 27/02/2021 20:25:10
Hitting the dislike before it’s even started - the jealous crap salons are giving themselves away 🤣
كوكو شنيل . . 27/02/2021 20:24:57
I love when the pimple come out from nowhere it’s make me suspicious in everything around me
michael rogers . 27/02/2021 20:21:49
Good video thank you from sylvie ukxx 💐💐
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This looks like Hung.
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