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Huong Da Nang Acne Treatment (#387) #Huongdanang


1. Overview

Pustules are small bumps on the skin that contain fluid or pus. They usually appear as white bumps surrounded by red skin. These bumps look very similar to pimples, but they can grow quite big.

Pustules may develop on any part of the body, but they most commonly form on the back, chest, and face. They may be found in clusters on the same area of the body.

Pustules may be a form of acne typically caused by hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes in the body. This is a very common skin condition, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

You can treat pustules with medication, or surgery in extreme cases, if they become bothersome.

Some people with acne present with small white or yellow spots surrounded by a swollen reddish painful area, which is an infected and inflamed hair follicle with the contained sebum.

The pus points at one spot on the overlying skin, which forms the white dot. Papules and pustules often occur together.

When they are clustered in significant numbers, the individual is said to have moderate to severe acne. Pustular acne is part of the disease category called inflammatory acne.


Step 1: Clean your face

This step is most important if you don't want your acne to be more severe.

Remove make-up and wash your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type before going into the process of pushing stubborn pimples out of your skin.

Makeup remover is required to clean your face, not just washing your face.

Because dirt, makeup residue, sunscreen, ... can stick deep inside the pores.

If you just used a cleanser, don't wash it off completely.

Therefore, using more mild makeup removers will help you cleanse your pores more.

Use an alcohol-free makeup remover to protect the skin, avoiding irritation and dryness.

The selected makeup remover should also be a soft, lint-free cotton.

Besides, when you choose a cleanser, you should use one that is suitable for the skin, gentle, has a balanced pH, the composition does not contain skin irritants, ensuring cleaning does not bring side effects.

You can choose from a number of cleansers with added anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties such as turmeric, honey, aloe vera, ...

Step 2: Sanitize hands and disinfect tools to squeeze acne

Good hand washing is no less important than face hygiene.

The hands are the most bacteria-rich places that the naked eye can see.

Therefore, if you normally get in the habit of touching your face with your hands, the acne will be worse and worse.

Step 3: Steam your face

The steam will help expand pores, support the process of bringing the acne out easily and reduce pain sensation.

Step 4: Proceed to squeeze acne

You can use cotton wool to gently push up the pimple, in case it is dry and has emerged on the skin surface.

Alternatively, you can use your hands to squeeze, but wrap your fingertips with a cotton ball or medical gauze soaked in antiseptic alcohol to make sure it doesn't infect the pimple.

Step 5: Gently squeeze the pimple out

You must be able to identify pimples that can be squeezed and those that cannot be pressed, to minimize difficult-to-treat scars.

This is your very concern. Squeeze pimples gently, do not rub the impact, causing acne to remain inside the core, which can cause skin infection, spreading acne more.

Step 6: Wash your face and take care of your skin after squeezing pimples

You can gently wipe with normal saline to help antibacterial for newly removed pimples.

Use a mask to soothe skin.

Use a mask specially designed for acne skin to avoid skin allergies.

Huong Da Nang Acne Treatment (#387) #Huongdanang


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Calm before the storm O . 28/02/2021 06:00:51
Yay, like the good ol days 🙏
Sheri Lowe . 28/02/2021 05:57:33
The camera motion made me feel seasick and you go from pimple to pimple too quickly not emptying the pores or even removing the contents sometimes. Is it a race? Does the customer pay by the second?
Billie Sen . 28/02/2021 05:23:50
Another great video! Thank you
Gma Brooke . 28/02/2021 05:15:32
Another great video, Huong, thank you!🙂👍🏻❤👵🏻
Betty Babberl . 28/02/2021 04:52:59
A LOT of nice blackheads!!! Great job!!! Great client!!! 💜
Jennifer Monroe . 28/02/2021 04:48:22
Tiny spring rolls : PARTY SIZE PACK!
Carleen Gyranger . 28/02/2021 03:36:31
You are the best pimple popping I've seen thus far. I enjoy watching you pop them you go straight for them. Not focus on how they look on your Love it. Great job
Amy Pettipas . 28/02/2021 02:30:37
This was a awesome one to watch!!!!😁
Nathan Swisshelm . 28/02/2021 02:25:55
Clarie Rodriguez . 28/02/2021 02:19:54
I am all in
Violet Brant . 28/02/2021 02:16:49
Houng,Hung, are so very good at what you do. I especially like your waving before beginning to work. Thank you.
Sally Cowdry . 28/02/2021 02:10:55
Somebody please help me try to she is going along quite happily, popping away with no poking as these are easy blackheads, then suddenly, out of the blue she finds the tiniest one and decides that it needs a poke. WHY, why why why, what method of assessment does she use. Can anyone answer this unanswerable question ? I have my own theory, I think she must have OCD, maybe she must pop 10 without the aid of a ‘device made for the poking of’ and then number 11 must be POKED, PROBED, PRODDED, REAMED, whatever she calls it otherwise the jelly people from the land of custard will kidnap all her customers and ask a ransom of a pink elephant with green and yellow spots on. 🤪🤪
Linda Smith . 28/02/2021 00:52:26
Fantastic job! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻
Nadia Nascimento . 28/02/2021 00:39:10
Gente não tem pandemia nesse lugar do mundo não? Hahahaha todo mundo sem máscara 🙁 Brasil aqui 🇧🇷 beijos
Maxwell Crazycat . 28/02/2021 00:13:59
I try to catch these videos as soon as they pop up.
Lois Kikola Ambrose . 27/02/2021 23:45:08
Thank you Huong. That was so much fun. Your hands maneuver around the face effortlessly and efficiently. You're Amazing! (And a great camera person too!)
Alessandra Navone . 27/02/2021 23:35:47
Che impressione
Ruth Rice . 27/02/2021 23:35:36
Very impressed with this extraction video. Nice job Huong❣️
ʌǝᴚןɐʋǝ soƞsɐ . 27/02/2021 23:08:33
Am I on the wrong channel or you used to squeeze them more properly? I'm disappointed
Chico Castrucci . 27/02/2021 22:46:59
That's better not havin da goop all over the gloves
Rosie Red . 27/02/2021 22:04:23
Thank you dear Huong 💗
Cosme Salas . 27/02/2021 21:28:39
Thank you for the video. I hope you have a nice day/night. 🙂
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Thank you for sharing a wonderful client! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👋👋💖💖☮️🇨🇦🙏
k kiser . 27/02/2021 20:59:03
Every face is a different canvas. Every person has a different pain tolerance. Not everyone has inflamed acne, which bleeds like hell from the infection. <3 <3 <3
Ata Deetlefs . 27/02/2021 20:39:17
Very handsome young man with fantastic pimples to squeeze and you did a fantastic job Huong, well done 👍🍃🌹🌹
Anh Nguyen . 27/02/2021 20:36:05
Co Huong nen deo Mask khi lam cho khach chu
Jami Novack . 27/02/2021 20:25:17
Annu221 Entelechy . 27/02/2021 19:39:15
Who else gets bored and gets on YouTube just to watch these kind of videos?
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Thank you ❤️😊😊❤️❤️❤️.
Jennifer Jackson . 27/02/2021 19:29:39
Okay, okay, I'll admit that although quick at the end, this was much better than usual!! Great, easy pops! I love when she pops a cluster of them and then scoops them 💜 from Virgina,
Dorothy Z. . 27/02/2021 19:18:28
🇩🇪🙋aus Deutschland Ich hätte dir gern noch viel länger zugucken können. Tolles Video. 👍👍👍
An Van Dessel . 27/02/2021 19:14:00
Thanks for the video, from Belgium. I wish you had more time, why do you have to finish in under 15 min? Please give her more time to do her job properly and more relaxed. And more fun for the fans 😉
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Love from Texas USA!! Thank you Huong!! ❤
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Ay que nervios!!Me da mucha ansiedad qué no limpie las impurezas, solo las recorre de lugar. Quisiera estar ahí para ayudarla 😆
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Thank you for sharing your work.
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Excellent as always.❤️
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Love the fact that she squeezes and doesn't stab every bump.
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Al principio no es ella, Huong es rápida
Ana Isabel Perez Pinedo . 27/02/2021 18:12:08
p.sharon ownby . 27/02/2021 18:07:08
Let us know when you visit the childrens home. I love to see the children!;)
LANA MCDONALD . 27/02/2021 18:07:04
Everything about this video is fantastic 👏 👌 Great job team !! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
p.sharon ownby . 27/02/2021 18:03:05
A handsome young man. good work Huong:)
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Hye 🥰🥰 Nice work Huong 👍🏼
Luiza Passos . 27/02/2021 17:53:25
beautiful profession taking care of people's beauty.
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Contornos da boca e nariz é tudo de bom.
Carla Straaten . 27/02/2021 17:41:56
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Joy Tompkins . 27/02/2021 17:29:31
Afternoon all from England
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Excellent work thankyou Hu'o'ng
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Maria Jose Lopes Barbosa Barbosa . 27/02/2021 17:16:42
Boa tardeTrabalho fantástico Parabéns
Rta Ralte Vangkeu . 27/02/2021 17:13:42
Comment ti tam tu atan hei hi dah ve leh phawt ang Ni 28/02/2021 Pathianni (Sunday) DD Mizoram Programme duanlawk tlangpuite :-1. 3:02 Pm - Chanchinthar Langsar zualte….2. 3:07 Pm - REQUEST PROGRAMME ON DEVOTIONAL SONGS RECEIVED THROUGH SMS3. 3:30pm - Naupangte Hun : Variety Programme by Central South Division - Corps Cadet4. 4:00 Pm - Request Programme On Devotional Songs :Sialhau MUP Leh MHIP te Fakna Hlathlan (2021)5. 5:00 Pm - Chanchinthar Langsar zualte6. 5:05 Pm - Pathian Fakna Hla:1) CR Laldingliani2) 7. 5:25 Pm - Pathian Thuchah :Lalpa Duhzawng by Lalchhandama, Bialtu Pastor Chhipphir. UPC (NEI)8. 5:47Pm - Praise & Worship : Fakna Thiltihtheihna by Besy Choir9. 6:30 Pm - Chanchinthar10. 7:00 Pm - Thalaite Hun : Praise & Worship by ITI Branch KTP11. 8:00Pm - MAAN KI BAAT12. 8:30pm - Pathian Fakna Hla : 14. 8:45 Pm - Chanchinthar. Repeat15. 9:30pm - Hospital Sunday : Documentary on Synod Hospital. . – 9436155921 ah hian Doordarshan Khawhar chhungte Pual Leh Fakna ti chhuak duh te tan biak theih reng [email protected] 9436354464 ah Request *Programme sawm duh tan leh @ SMS hlathlang duh tan* 8729962144 ah a thawn theih reng e.
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