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Dry pimples, blackhead | Treat acne for someone who has taken my medication| Hương beauty (P4 )


1. Overview

Pustules are small bumps on the skin that contain fluid or pus. They usually appear as white bumps surrounded by red skin. These bumps look very similar to pimples, but they can grow quite big.

Pustules may develop on any part of the body, but they most commonly form on the back, chest, and face. They may be found in clusters on the same area of the body.

Pustules may be a form of acne typically caused by hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes in the body. This is a very common skin condition, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

You can treat pustules with medication, or surgery in extreme cases, if they become bothersome.

Some people with acne present with small white or yellow spots surrounded by a swollen reddish painful area, which is an infected and inflamed hair follicle with the contained sebum.

The pus points at one spot on the overlying skin, which forms the white dot. Papules and pustules often occur together.

When they are clustered in significant numbers, the individual is said to have moderate to severe acne. Pustular acne is part of the disease category called inflammatory acne.


Step 1: Clean your face

This step is most important if you don't want your acne to be more severe.

Remove make-up and wash your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type before going into the process of pushing stubborn pimples out of your skin.

Makeup remover is required to clean your face, not just washing your face.

Because dirt, makeup residue, sunscreen, ... can stick deep inside the pores.

If you just used a cleanser, don't wash it off completely.

Therefore, using more mild makeup removers will help you cleanse your pores more.

Use an alcohol-free makeup remover to protect the skin, avoiding irritation and dryness.

The selected makeup remover should also be a soft, lint-free cotton.

Besides, when you choose a cleanser, you should use one that is suitable for the skin, gentle, has a balanced pH, the composition does not contain skin irritants, ensuring cleaning does not bring side effects.

You can choose from a number of cleansers with added anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties such as turmeric, honey, aloe vera, ...

Step 2: Sanitize hands and disinfect tools to squeeze acne

Good hand washing is no less important than face hygiene.

The hands are the most bacteria-rich places that the naked eye can see.

Therefore, if you normally get in the habit of touching your face with your hands, the acne will be worse and worse.

Step 3: Steam your face

The steam will help expand pores, support the process of bringing the acne out easily and reduce pain sensation.

Step 4: Proceed to squeeze acne

You can use cotton wool to gently push up the pimple, in case it is dry and has emerged on the skin surface.

Alternatively, you can use your hands to squeeze, but wrap your fingertips with a cotton ball or medical gauze soaked in antiseptic alcohol to make sure it doesn't infect the pimple.

Step 5: Gently squeeze the pimple out

You must be able to identify pimples that can be squeezed and those that cannot be pressed, to minimize difficult-to-treat scars.

This is your very concern. Squeeze pimples gently, do not rub the impact, causing acne to remain inside the core, which can cause skin infection, spreading acne more.

Step 6: Wash your face and take care of your skin after squeezing pimples

You can gently wipe with normal saline to help antibacterial for newly removed pimples.

Use a mask to soothe skin.

Use a mask specially designed for acne skin to avoid skin allergies.

Dry pimples, blackhead | Treat acne for someone who has taken my medication| Hương beauty (P4 )


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Nancy Busso . 15/10/2020 08:54:55
A pretty girl being helped by a pretty lady!!! 🌺 🦋 🧑🏻 👩🏻
Pamela Ortiz . 15/10/2020 08:17:18
Hi sweet Hu'o'ng 🙋💜😘 wonderful video. Do you sell your skin care products? Like cleanser, toner and moisturizer? If so can you post a link to your products or store please? Thank you 😊 Be well, stay safe honey 💜😘
Rebecca Gable . 15/10/2020 08:05:08
Appreciate your gentle technique-no gouging! : )
lanyteague . 15/10/2020 07:48:07
Another great job Huong. Wish we could’ve seen her first treatment, I bet those blackheads were awesome! Keep us updated on her progress. Thank you for sharing.
John Sinclair . 15/10/2020 07:40:28
Get rid of the stupid nail clippers
Tarcia Lucena Bringhenti . 15/10/2020 07:29:00
Olá desde Brasil Amazônia
Jojo Russell . 15/10/2020 06:24:31
Great video & good camera say luv the singing in background she has a lovely voice
Chanda Marie . 15/10/2020 06:10:26
Please stop wiping the contents all over the clients face.
Terri . 15/10/2020 06:09:45
Excellent Huong!! Thank you for another great video!👍❤😘🍃🌹🍃💜🙋🏼‍♀️
Betty Mchenry . 15/10/2020 05:50:43
My amazing friend, you have done it again. It does look like they come out easier after using your medicines beforehand. Then you can work your magic and they will have beautiful skin. Thanks for sharing once again
Julie Butt . 15/10/2020 05:37:09
You need smaller gloves they too big for u tiny hands I think that's why you slip sometimes xx
Matthew Bottorf . 15/10/2020 05:25:23
I'm pretty sure that when she says traditional medicine she means over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide 10% hence the extra dry face. Good be wrong though.
Matthew Bottorf . 15/10/2020 05:17:03
Those wire cutters are the worst!
Fernando Guerrero . 15/10/2020 04:51:26
Good work as ever Huong, nice voice too ☺️☺️
Jeannine Therrien . 15/10/2020 04:10:04
Votre travail est souvent incomplet et expéditif et c'est dommage car vous avez une belle personnalité. Il est appréciable de bien éliminer les comédons et de les éliminer proprement comme le font d'autres YouTubeuses. Il y a place à l'amélioration alors, peut-être en faire moins mais les faire mieux ! 😉
Karie Raaflaub . 15/10/2020 04:08:17
Huong, your practices and technique I admire very much. I love that your medicine is all natural and has been passed down to you by your Mother. Amazing results for your clients and all natural and healthy. 👋👋👋👍🏻👍🏻💖💖💖💖🇨🇦☮️🥰
Irene Johansen . 15/10/2020 04:07:14
Nice work. I really do like the singing. It calms me.
Emilio Coldblooded Bronson . 15/10/2020 03:56:16
These are the most beautiful pimples I’ve ever seen!
Carolyn Andrews . 15/10/2020 03:50:37
Who is singing? It is beautiful
Dragon Master . 15/10/2020 03:39:41
Automatic thumbs down for the dirty gloves! 👎👎👎👎👎Gloves are to help stop the spread of infection not spread it. 😱😱😱😨😫Gloves are not a showcase for your little trophies! 😠😠😠😠😠Keep the gloves clean! 😷😷😷😷😷 Thank you! 🤗🤗🤗😉😌
Lisa Ann Barriner . 15/10/2020 03:37:35
This is a pretty young lady. She will be especially gorgeous when Ms. Houng gets her skin cleared up.
Steve M . 15/10/2020 03:35:44
Great video, so nice to watch an artist! Sweet voice and a calming song. Can't ask for more. Thanks
Chance Lambert . 15/10/2020 03:23:50
Those are what are known as "keratin plugs". Some people get them and some don't. They must be pulled out by the sacs or they grow back.They are also very oily so conventional tweezers can't grab on to them where as the nippers have a sharp edge that can actually grip the tops. Then they can be pulled out.Yes, you can squeeze them out but leaving the sacs behind insures that they grow back, sometimes even larger.The fingernail nippers obviously come in handy for this part of the job. If they make you all snowflake, skip that part.
Nicole Robles . 15/10/2020 03:03:03
I loved it when someone started singing in this video ❤️
Margie Welker . 15/10/2020 03:02:46
I appreciate your videos but I can't read the words they are too small.
Linda Allen . 15/10/2020 02:57:21
Is your traditional medicine applied to the skin or taken by mouth? Do you make it or buy from a herbalist?
Odette Heyneke . 15/10/2020 02:52:17
Ms Hunong, your traditional medicines are very effective. Do you sell them online?
Rosie Red . 15/10/2020 02:49:31
Wonderful as always 💖
Pati Fagan . 15/10/2020 02:44:39
Good job
WonderWhaz . 15/10/2020 02:38:36
134 Zit pops! Always the sweetest smile from Ms. Huong. 🌹
TheLuckyjoenga . 15/10/2020 02:33:14
You look so cute in your ponytail! 🥰
Robert Hutchins . 15/10/2020 02:21:42
Great job Huong. Love to watch the noses. Love from JJ in Jacksonville FL. ❤️🌹
Maria Edwards . 15/10/2020 02:21:10
I don't mind when it the extractions is placed on the glove, I just can't stand when it's just swiped over the face. Enslia does it. Just drives me nuts. Please just use gauze.You do take great care of your clients. Love it when you sing. Such a gorgeous voice. You have a gentle disposition About yourself. So pleasant. Always says hi and bye to your fans
Debby Barstow . 15/10/2020 02:03:31
Janice Ray . 15/10/2020 01:59:45
Love the singing, the singer has a beautiful voice.
Leslie Bilotta . 15/10/2020 01:58:04
Yeahhh! A NEW video!
Lisa G . 15/10/2020 01:55:09
Great job on this client Huong. Thanks for the video sweetie xoxo 🥰❣️❤️😘
darmom555 . 15/10/2020 01:46:34
Do you believe I'm on vacation in cancun and here i am watching your videos. I love watching them 😍 The one at their nose 👃 😍 💕
ChiMom Morris . 15/10/2020 01:35:35
Please wear a mask!!!
Victoria Egan . 15/10/2020 01:35:06
Thanks for not spending time picking up every little piece of debris with your pick. It saves time and allows you to do a lot in a little time. Your technique is amazing.
Lenette Daugherty . 15/10/2020 01:31:11
I 🤗😘😎
sixberghs . 15/10/2020 01:23:35
Video quality is not as good as usual.
Laurey Moles . 15/10/2020 01:21:10
Look how easy and clean they came out!❤️💕💫💕❤️
Samantha Hopper . 15/10/2020 01:20:40
Awesome job as always! Thank you for sharing.
Karl #LOVETHEGLOVE . 15/10/2020 00:53:40
Amazing Lady amazing 👏 thanks for sharing this with me 🤪🥴💐
14Aymara . 15/10/2020 00:53:25
Awesome procedure, dear Huong. Your medicine makes extractions easier to perform. .❤️❤️🌷❤️🌷❤️❤️🌷❤️❤️
Rosmarie Niesler . 15/10/2020 00:52:35
indeet, they came very good, but you worked also more slowly!
TN Grandma . 15/10/2020 00:48:10
Your traditional medicine works so well. Great video, thank you.
smart dog . 15/10/2020 00:46:10
Spite or Envy are the characteristics of most thumb downers !!.......My vote,   2 👍👍's  Up   🙊  🙉  🙈
Maria Zanette . 15/10/2020 00:36:27
Luvas muito grandes
Betty White . 15/10/2020 00:26:44
Awesome video Houng! You have a beautiful voice! Always enjoy your videos! Thanks for sharing!
Renee Mcnab . 15/10/2020 00:24:09
why do you wipe that mess across Thier face that is sicken
Isabel Santos . 15/10/2020 00:23:42
Kathleen Pugh . 15/10/2020 00:20:27
What a beautiful completion after all the work you've done! Way to go girl!
Brigite Green . 15/10/2020 00:19:51
Your not getting all the stuff out.
Scotty Jones . 15/10/2020 00:14:22
Oh yes My Princess Huong U are the bestest!!
Laura Albright . 15/10/2020 00:11:07
So many are not being fully extracted 😫
Beverly Malone . 15/10/2020 00:11:05
This is YOUR GREAT WORK I'm use to! THANKS so MUCH!
Rashaun Jones . 15/10/2020 00:05:55
These are some good ones
Cecilia Kreplak . 15/10/2020 00:03:35
Why don’t you disinfect as you go ???
htgfds gfdsf . 15/10/2020 00:03:00
Ata Deetlefs . 15/10/2020 00:01:16
Huong it is a awesome video, thank you for sharing. Your traditional medication is definitely working. Take care and hugs and blessings. 🥰❤️🌹❤️🍃
Samuel Cabral . 15/10/2020 00:01:04
Cheguei ....precisando d uma sessão dessas pra relaxar
M Lane . 14/10/2020 23:58:12
The nose tool has got to go. I'm tired of seeing it
Heather Walsingham . 14/10/2020 23:56:39
A song + great pops + nippers = extreme contentment.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Claribel jorge morales . 14/10/2020 23:42:36
Great job. Beautiful singing!
Judith Zaker . 14/10/2020 23:42:21
Your medication and treatment are very effective. Customer will be very happy. Thanks Huong!
Irina Klotskova . 14/10/2020 23:40:17
Samira ANANE . 14/10/2020 23:38:00
itz amel . 14/10/2020 23:31:53
ok. i can sleep now
Antonia Veras . 14/10/2020 23:30:44
Chance Lambert . 14/10/2020 23:29:43
PERFECTION!Now THAT'S the way it works. Client comes in 3 days ago, gets a quick extraction, Huong gives her her own medicated cleanser (my medication us beer), and she comes back 3 days later for a good workup. Three more treatments and her skin will be GORGEOUS.It takes time to make it right. A BEAUTIFUL job done on a BEAUTIFUL gal done by a BEAUTIOUS PROFESSIONAL! 😍😍😍😘😘😘📍📍📍🎶🎶🎶
Jesus' Servant Wayfaring Stranger . 14/10/2020 23:27:23
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Trena Dvorak . 14/10/2020 23:21:51
I like the nose pops!!
Ilona Šulc . 14/10/2020 23:21:01
Hello from Germany 👋🌒
Brenda Folsom . 14/10/2020 23:20:24
Lost In Oz . 14/10/2020 23:20:15
Dianna Summers . 14/10/2020 23:19:01
You take such good care of your clients and it shows in the way you treat them. You have a very kind smile and soul! Love you Ms Huong and all your wonderful videos!!😍🥰❤🤟
OhioGirl419_Lynnette W. . 14/10/2020 23:15:38
Great job Hương!!!
Ayanna Bartley . 14/10/2020 23:07:59
Your doing a great job you make my mind relax
Ayanna Bartley . 14/10/2020 23:06:56
Your are a very nice person you always say hi to use before you start and I love that I am texting all the way from Jamaica
Ayanna Bartley . 14/10/2020 23:06:07
I watch all of them first time commenting
Ayanna Bartley . 14/10/2020 23:05:31
Love your videos
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