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#172 | Huong Da Nang


1. Overview

Pustules are small bumps on the skin that contain fluid or pus. They usually appear as white bumps surrounded by red skin. These bumps look very similar to pimples, but they can grow quite big.

Pustules may develop on any part of the body, but they most commonly form on the back, chest, and face. They may be found in clusters on the same area of the body.

Pustules may be a form of acne typically caused by hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes in the body. This is a very common skin condition, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

You can treat pustules with medication, or surgery in extreme cases, if they become bothersome.

Some people with acne present with small white or yellow spots surrounded by a swollen reddish painful area, which is an infected and inflamed hair follicle with the contained sebum.

The pus points at one spot on the overlying skin, which forms the white dot. Papules and pustules often occur together.

When they are clustered in significant numbers, the individual is said to have moderate to severe acne. Pustular acne is part of the disease category called inflammatory acne.


Step 1: Clean your face

This step is most important if you don't want your acne to be more severe.

Remove make-up and wash your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type before going into the process of pushing stubborn pimples out of your skin.

Makeup remover is required to clean your face, not just washing your face.

Because dirt, makeup residue, sunscreen, ... can stick deep inside the pores.

If you just used a cleanser, don't wash it off completely.

Therefore, using more mild makeup removers will help you cleanse your pores more.

Use an alcohol-free makeup remover to protect the skin, avoiding irritation and dryness.

The selected makeup remover should also be a soft, lint-free cotton.

Besides, when you choose a cleanser, you should use one that is suitable for the skin, gentle, has a balanced pH, the composition does not contain skin irritants, ensuring cleaning does not bring side effects.

You can choose from a number of cleansers with added anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties such as turmeric, honey, aloe vera, ...

Step 2: Sanitize hands and disinfect tools to squeeze acne

Good hand washing is no less important than face hygiene.

The hands are the most bacteria-rich places that the naked eye can see.

Therefore, if you normally get in the habit of touching your face with your hands, the acne will be worse and worse.

Step 3: Steam your face

The steam will help expand pores, support the process of bringing the acne out easily and reduce pain sensation.

Step 4: Proceed to squeeze acne

You can use cotton wool to gently push up the pimple, in case it is dry and has emerged on the skin surface.

Alternatively, you can use your hands to squeeze, but wrap your fingertips with a cotton ball or medical gauze soaked in antiseptic alcohol to make sure it doesn't infect the pimple.

Step 5: Gently squeeze the pimple out

You must be able to identify pimples that can be squeezed and those that cannot be pressed, to minimize difficult-to-treat scars.

This is your very concern. Squeeze pimples gently, do not rub the impact, causing acne to remain inside the core, which can cause skin infection, spreading acne more.

Step 6: Wash your face and take care of your skin after squeezing pimples

You can gently wipe with normal saline to help antibacterial for newly removed pimples.

Use a mask to soothe skin.

Use a mask specially designed for acne skin to avoid skin allergies.

#172 | Huong Da Nang


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Reggie Abel . 19/11/2020 20:51:47
most frustrating thing I have ever watched she neither had bothered doing anything
Regina Monici . 19/11/2020 20:48:20
Não fez
Sarah B . 19/11/2020 20:44:06
That was terrible - what a wasted opportunity! Probably the worst attempt I have ever seen of yours Huong. What happened?
tina abshire . 19/11/2020 20:43:33
Yep all clear!! 😆 what a freakin riot that you’re so POPular.
COEXIST . 19/11/2020 20:43:08
Clients with extremely bad acne require MANY visits. She can’t extract every single pore in one video. We only see PART of the session. I am confident that Huong has a treatment plan for him. Always be kind. Salute
tina abshire . 19/11/2020 20:41:22
I guess it’s a good thing you’re not a snake hunter. 😆 😆 😆
L G . 19/11/2020 20:41:00
Could you please go slower? It's hard to see extraction when you move quickly.
tina abshire . 19/11/2020 20:40:17
Wow!! You win the popularity contest but as far a technic goes you’re definitely not even in the top three.
claudia nogueira . 19/11/2020 20:40:07
Que nojento🤣🤣e deve ser bem fedido🤢
Marta Feiferis . 19/11/2020 20:37:48
Péssima imagem quem está fazendo isso deixa passar muitos cravos e espinhas me deu até raiva 😠
Manifa Hematsisraki . 19/11/2020 20:34:23
Omg you didn’t do anything, just kept sliding your fingers on his face and moved around. Horrible
Cara Nash . 19/11/2020 20:34:01
This has to be the absolute worst job of extracting I've ever YOUR NOT EVEN TRYING
Dawn Edwards . 19/11/2020 20:33:40
I’m ASHAMED. Your work is appalling, stop the little wave & RETRAIN.
Thomas Clark . 19/11/2020 20:30:35
Oh my! You don’t know the difference between a mole and a blackhead! You are dangerous!
Laura LaRocco . 19/11/2020 20:30:08
Soooo many things to address but were skipped over. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Sandra Albini . 19/11/2020 20:26:39
the pores are not well emptied. Bad job
Kim de St Pern . 19/11/2020 20:21:32
It seems this has become about quantity and no quality. You should focus more on doing a better job and stop hacking away at skin instead of trying to get more and more videos out.
Ha Pham . 19/11/2020 20:15:43
Cục u bã đậu chắc chắn còn rất nhiều nhân bên trong, và cái túi chứa bã đậu nữa. Tại sao nặn dở dang như vậy? Rất nhiều người xem có cùng cảm nghĩ!
Tina Ridgle . 19/11/2020 20:15:36
That was a poor job and I don’t usually complain.
Ha Pham . 19/11/2020 20:14:13
Lousy job!
Shanan Sadler . 19/11/2020 20:10:15
Noooooo! We need more!!!😩
April Harmon . 19/11/2020 20:03:20
Your videos are worse by the minute. That cyst was far from empty. If your getting tired of your job find a new one
Karina Krautheim . 19/11/2020 20:02:19
She is good and fast BUT PLS. Take the whole pimple OUT. It drives me crazy thinking you will come back and squeeze out all the ugly stuff . Ughhh😕
Dinaura Lima . 19/11/2020 19:58:08
Randy Clendenin . 19/11/2020 19:57:40
Hello, Thanks to all involved. This guy's got it bad, so what's up with all the bumps you left intact all over his face/ears? Take care, "God Bless", sincerely, Randy. 👍👍🙏🏻😇👊
Stefany Lemos . 19/11/2020 19:56:24
Do you know what you're doing?
carla warriner . 19/11/2020 19:55:39
There were so many white lumps under his skin. So many blackheads and dark spots, why was she feeling around as if you couldn't see what needed to be extracted. It was frustrating to watch.
Angela Cassell . 19/11/2020 19:55:36
I just love her don't understand it but it's very comforting
Rocky Waggoner . 19/11/2020 19:51:28
Hopefully you know that you must remove the entire cyst including the sack thats holding it. Or its just going to comeback and comeback worse.
SuperCosta Vzla . 19/11/2020 19:50:41
Purelight1960 . 19/11/2020 19:47:59
Lost In Oz . 19/11/2020 19:44:33
مطبخ أم طــه . 19/11/2020 19:40:02
لعبان نفس
Marita Bowden . 19/11/2020 19:39:20
Sounds like we have a lot of jealous haters in the comments. If you can't do the job, or have nothing nice to say, shut the hell up.
Baldina Molino . 19/11/2020 19:38:40
This man had large cysts removed a few years ago.
Judith Zaker . 19/11/2020 19:38:12
Turn the sound up. When the big one let's go, sounds of delight! Great work Huong!🌹🌹
Maribel Junquera . 19/11/2020 19:37:38
Cómo se puede trabajar tan mal! Castigando la piel sin miramientos para dejar los poros igual de sucios. Sin cuidado, sin paciencia. Un/a pésimo profesional. Dedíquese a otra cosa. Lo siento.
Awaken VIBING . 19/11/2020 19:35:59
It’s a cyst squeeze it more to get the sack out
Lucy Miguel . 19/11/2020 19:35:36
I think here reaction is why she don't squeeze for too SHE NEEDS TO🤷
Sue Vetter . 19/11/2020 19:35:18
This guy's skin is really bad but who's ever doing it isn't doing a great job
Lucy Miguel . 19/11/2020 19:34:37
And am here still saying SQUEEEEEEZZZZZZEEEEE!!
Peggy Wallace . 19/11/2020 19:34:33
Lorelei Morrison . 19/11/2020 19:33:58
You barely pied the pores. You kept jumping all over the place without finishing the one you were on. You did t finish emptying the t. Poor work or you.
Tortuga 51 . 19/11/2020 19:32:31
Bravo pour la vidéo merci 🌴🌴🌴😁
Editor Blip . 19/11/2020 19:32:06
Is this the guy who had a big cyst on his cheek ages ago? I often wondered how he was doing.
kevin williams . 19/11/2020 19:30:42
It home distance the first one
henrietta mcmillian . 19/11/2020 19:28:17
Loved it Huong thank you 🦋😷🙏🇺🇸🇨🇳
Kathy Hutchison . 19/11/2020 19:28:07
I like her videos but it seems like she misses so ’t mind longer videos
Lucia Lopez . 19/11/2020 19:26:11
You are so humble ,it's easy criticize and judge
T Pla . 19/11/2020 19:25:11
I don’t think he pop that before
R T . 19/11/2020 19:25:03
White knight Chance Lambert is gonna come in here to complain about people’s negative comments again
Lindsay Galloway . 19/11/2020 19:22:45
Well done that wasn't easy for you
mistyocdragons . 19/11/2020 19:19:42
She slices flesh open even for the tiniest of spots. And skips very obvious spots. And leaves gunk behind in a lot of them so the clients will have to return and pay her more I wouldn't let her squeeze a lemon!! 😖
Christina Buitendag . 19/11/2020 19:18:56
You are certainly not qualified to work on a elderly skin!!!!!
daenerys max . 19/11/2020 19:18:23
I absolutely love the way you are singing!!!
Sandra K . 19/11/2020 19:17:26
Why bother if you're hardly going to put any effort into what you're doing? Maybe concentrate on the mans face that's in front of you instead of what you're wearing for the day and whatever song you're singing. Disappointing to say the least! SacDepSpa is so much better to watch than you these days! 🤷🤷🤷
Debra Ball . 19/11/2020 19:16:31
Elisete Soares . 19/11/2020 19:15:57
Heather Rogers . 19/11/2020 19:15:47
Southern Critic . 19/11/2020 19:15:30
I'm gonna watch that first minute over and over and over again.
Ceilidhs Shinn . 19/11/2020 19:15:22
Hello! Hope that your day is going well! This is my first video of the day and boy was it crazy! Thank you so much for sharing your work today, have a great day/night. 😃😁
MALENA CRNKA . 19/11/2020 19:13:45
Diskasting face😱😱😱
Lolo's mommie 2005 . 19/11/2020 19:09:23
There is several she could get and it seems like she's not seeing any of them . At least the 1st 5 mins of this video .
taffybabe . 19/11/2020 19:07:05
Oh my days .. what a starter 🖒🖒🖒
Lolo's mommie 2005 . 19/11/2020 19:06:09
He probably should have shaved 1st , she isn't going to see what's under his stash . What's the use in paying for something if you won't be able to get it fully completed.
Alex . 19/11/2020 19:00:54
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