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Cystic Acne Treatment I Điều trị mụn nang hiệu quả số 1 tại Hiền Vân Spa I Nguyễn Việt Đoàn I 510


Blackheads are a nightmare of many people because they make the skin on the face, back, chest, neck, ... less fresh and smooth. Not only that, blackheads are also easy to progress into pimples or pustules, which severely affects the skin's beauty.


1. Mechanism of forming blackheads

Blackheads are acne types that appear when the hair follicles in the skin are blocked, not inflamed. The mechanism of blackheads is caused by the active oil glands on the skin, such as being unable to escape from the skin surface due to the clogged pores of dirt, dead cells or makeup products and bacteria. When the pimples in the pores are exposed to air, they oxidize and the nucleus turns dark black.


Blackheads are small, about 1mm in size and have a black pimple on the skin's surface. Blackheads usually do not cause soreness or redness like blisters. But if you squeeze blackheads, they can get worse, cause inflammation and progress to blisters or pustules. Blackheads usually appear on the face, especially the nose area. In addition, blackheads can also appear on the back, chest, neck, shoulders or arms. And since all skin types are at risk of clogging pores, blackheads can appear on oily, normal or dry skin.


The nose area is the "permanent" place of blackheads because this is the area with the most active sebum, so it is susceptible to bacteria and dirt. Not only that, blackheads in the nose are more dense than elsewhere because the skin of the nose is thin, more exposed to sunlight, so weaker than other skin areas, more susceptible to bacteria attack.

2. Causes of blackheads

The sebaceous glands are active: the sebaceous glands are overactive, producing a lot of sebum will clog pores. Without clean cleaning, the sebum, dead cells and bacteria in the pores will gradually become dry and after many days of exposure to the air, blackheads will form;


Inappropriate diet: Frequent use of greasy foods, hot spicy foods, or drinking soft drinks, coffee, beer, alcohol, ... easily causes blackheads because of the above factors. stimulates sebaceous glands to increase activity and hinder acne treatment;


Not drinking enough water: Water plays an important role in the elimination of waste products from the body, helping to keep skin clean, fresher and healthier. If the body is not replenished with the necessary amount of water, toxins will accumulate in the body and the skin will easily appear blackheads;


Unscientific lifestyle: Hormonal imbalance caused by stress, being busy, eating and sleeping in moderation, the effects of the menstrual cycle; excessive sweating, polluted living environment, high humidity; not paying attention to skin hygiene carefully, ... are the causes of blackheads;


Voluntary use of drugs without consultation: The abuse of skin care cosmetics containing lithium, corticosteroids; Self-administered oral contraceptives containing androgens, anti-epileptic drugs not prescribed by doctors, can cause the skin to increase sebum production, forming blackheads.

3. Blackheads remedies

Blackheads do not cause pain like acne, but make the skin surface less smooth, rough, rough, enlarged pores and fast aging skin. Moreover, blackheads are often difficult to remove, easy to re-go many times, and the wrong treatment, self-squeezing pimples can make acne worse, easily cause inflammation into pimples and pustules.


For effective blackheads treatment, users can refer to the following methods:

3.1 Use cosmetics, blackheads serum

On the market, there are many products that are used to treat blackheads, shrink pores. However, on the market there are many floating products with unknown origin, so each person needs to wisely choose good products suitable for the skin.

3.2 Applying home remedies for blackheads

Users can take advantage of the following ingredients available in-house to treat blackheads:


Toothpaste: First, prepare a tube of toothpaste and a soft bristle brush. When done, the user needs to wash his face thoroughly with warm water, take a bit of toothpaste out of the brush and then gently rub on the blackheads area for 2-3 minutes and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wash your face with water. However, users should pay attention to only do this method 1-2 times / week because using toothpaste for a long time can make the skin thin, dry and easy to catch the sun;


Honey: Users need to warm pure honey for a few minutes and then apply warm honey evenly on the blackheads. After about 10 minutes, users need to rinse with warm water. Honey has antiseptic, anti-oxidant properties that help treat blackheads, tighten pores, enhance moisturizing effect, and make skin smooth and white;


Baking soda: Users need to mix baking soda with water in a 1: 1 ratio, stir well and rub on nose or other areas of blackheads, let dry for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. However, people with sensitive skin should not use baking soda because it can irritate the skin easily;


Chicken eggs: Prepare a chicken egg, a bowl and a soft cloth. When done, people
Cystic Acne Treatment I Điều trị mụn nang hiệu quả số 1 tại Hiền Vân Spa I Nguyễn Việt Đoàn I 510


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