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Blackheads are a nightmare of many people because they make the skin on the face, back, chest, neck, ... less fresh and smooth. Not only that, blackheads are also easy to progress into pimples or pustules, which severely affects the skin's beauty.


1. Mechanism of forming blackheads

Blackheads are acne types that appear when the hair follicles in the skin are blocked, not inflamed. The mechanism of blackheads is caused by the active oil glands on the skin, such as being unable to escape from the skin surface due to the clogged pores of dirt, dead cells or makeup products and bacteria. When the pimples in the pores are exposed to air, they oxidize and the nucleus turns dark black.


Blackheads are small, about 1mm in size and have a black pimple on the skin's surface. Blackheads usually do not cause soreness or redness like blisters. But if you squeeze blackheads, they can get worse, cause inflammation and progress to blisters or pustules. Blackheads usually appear on the face, especially the nose area. In addition, blackheads can also appear on the back, chest, neck, shoulders or arms. And since all skin types are at risk of clogging pores, blackheads can appear on oily, normal or dry skin.


The nose area is the "permanent" place of blackheads because this is the area with the most active sebum, so it is susceptible to bacteria and dirt. Not only that, blackheads in the nose are more dense than elsewhere because the skin of the nose is thin, more exposed to sunlight, so weaker than other skin areas, more susceptible to bacteria attack.

2. Causes of blackheads

The sebaceous glands are active: the sebaceous glands are overactive, producing a lot of sebum will clog pores. Without clean cleaning, the sebum, dead cells and bacteria in the pores will gradually become dry and after many days of exposure to the air, blackheads will form;


Inappropriate diet: Frequent use of greasy foods, hot spicy foods, or drinking soft drinks, coffee, beer, alcohol, ... easily causes blackheads because of the above factors. stimulates sebaceous glands to increase activity and hinder acne treatment;


Not drinking enough water: Water plays an important role in the elimination of waste products from the body, helping to keep skin clean, fresher and healthier. If the body is not replenished with the necessary amount of water, toxins will accumulate in the body and the skin will easily appear blackheads;


Unscientific lifestyle: Hormonal imbalance caused by stress, being busy, eating and sleeping in moderation, the effects of the menstrual cycle; excessive sweating, polluted living environment, high humidity; not paying attention to skin hygiene carefully, ... are the causes of blackheads;


Voluntary use of drugs without consultation: The abuse of skin care cosmetics containing lithium, corticosteroids; Self-administered oral contraceptives containing androgens, anti-epileptic drugs not prescribed by doctors, can cause the skin to increase sebum production, forming blackheads.

3. Blackheads remedies

Blackheads do not cause pain like acne, but make the skin surface less smooth, rough, rough, enlarged pores and fast aging skin. Moreover, blackheads are often difficult to remove, easy to re-go many times, and the wrong treatment, self-squeezing pimples can make acne worse, easily cause inflammation into pimples and pustules.


For effective blackheads treatment, users can refer to the following methods:

3.1 Use cosmetics, blackheads serum

On the market, there are many products that are used to treat blackheads, shrink pores. However, on the market there are many floating products with unknown origin, so each person needs to wisely choose good products suitable for the skin.

3.2 Applying home remedies for blackheads

Users can take advantage of the following ingredients available in-house to treat blackheads:


Toothpaste: First, prepare a tube of toothpaste and a soft bristle brush. When done, the user needs to wash his face thoroughly with warm water, take a bit of toothpaste out of the brush and then gently rub on the blackheads area for 2-3 minutes and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wash your face with water. However, users should pay attention to only do this method 1-2 times / week because using toothpaste for a long time can make the skin thin, dry and easy to catch the sun;


Honey: Users need to warm pure honey for a few minutes and then apply warm honey evenly on the blackheads. After about 10 minutes, users need to rinse with warm water. Honey has antiseptic, anti-oxidant properties that help treat blackheads, tighten pores, enhance moisturizing effect, and make skin smooth and white;


Baking soda: Users need to mix baking soda with water in a 1: 1 ratio, stir well and rub on nose or other areas of blackheads, let dry for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. However, people with sensitive skin should not use baking soda because it can irritate the skin easily;


Chicken eggs: Prepare a chicken egg, a bowl and a soft cloth. When done, people
Điều Trị Mụn Hiệu Quả, Uy Tín Nhất TPHCM Tại Hiền Vân Spa I Trong Hữu I bai 410


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Julie Skelton . 15/10/2020 08:56:54
He must feel relief after they have been extracted and the pressure is gone. You have a big job here Hein but we all know that you will do marvellous with him.
Mary Chisolm . 15/10/2020 08:34:42
Deb C . 15/10/2020 07:54:04
I love your extraction methods. Very thorough and you don’t cause further harm ❤️ Your clients are fortunate indeed.
Betty White . 15/10/2020 06:33:31
Great video Hien! I am glad he came to see you, I know you will help him.
Henrietta Jones . 15/10/2020 06:00:35
Henrietta Jones . 15/10/2020 05:59:28
Amy Mac . 15/10/2020 05:59:15
Such wonderful work as always Hien. Looking forward to seeing this poor young man once you have worked your magic on him 😘💐💐💐
Sandra Barnette . 15/10/2020 05:56:33
Very disappointed on the camera work.
Amanda Griffin . 15/10/2020 05:54:36
Hi Hien Watching ur videos are amazing you take care of all ur patients How are you.How are the babies.
Sandra Barnette . 15/10/2020 05:52:15
Poietes . 15/10/2020 05:51:39
Hien, I've missed watching your videos recently. I had eye surgery and had to rest my eyes, so I couldn't watch videos that had a lot of detail. But my vision is much better now so I can once again see the fine details of your videos. I know that this young man is in the best hands because no one else seems to approach the treatment of cystic acne in the comprehensive way that you do.
the nibelung . 15/10/2020 05:30:56
the nibelung . 15/10/2020 05:23:51
This lady is an artist, I appreciate how she opens with an entrées, then gradually paces into the main dishes. The music creates an inspiring and safe atmosphere. So beautiful.
Ruth King . 15/10/2020 05:21:04
Great work Hien 💚. Thx so much!
Khrysalis . 15/10/2020 05:18:11
Fantastic as always!💐💜💜💐🥰
toxicToxophilite . 15/10/2020 05:08:16
This video is great.I've been watching your old videos ans comparing them to your new ones, and you've come a long way! Your translations are better--I'm curious, do you know enough english to translate it yourself? Do you use google? Does someone translate for you? And I'm glad you seem to have stopped using the awkward vocal translator, the subtitles are much better, and I've learned a ton since watching your videos.I'm also glad you stopped wiping the contents on your gloves, but i truly hope that was a personal decision and not pressured onto you by the blackhead bullies that like to prowl the comment section. :(
Mvollmer80 . 15/10/2020 05:02:01
Thank you for another great video. I’d also like to say I love your top. I hope all is well with your little ones on the way
osamucosa . 15/10/2020 04:50:42
I’m sure it’s painful but you are going to be so amazingly awesome 😎 after Hein is done 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Gosh, there is a lot happening under the surface isnt there! Glad you are there to help!
Paula Workman . 15/10/2020 04:41:28
I hope you are feeling well Hein ❣️ You continue to work so hard and I am sure that this young man appreciates that it's you taking care of his acne. His skin needs all the help you can give him 🏵️🌺🌼🌸🐼Please take good care of yourself and your babies 💗🙏 When will you take time off? Please post pictures because we all care and are excited for you 🌟❤️🌞
Lilly Grrrl . 15/10/2020 04:35:15
Poor guy💔Great job, Hien!
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Poor guy. It looks so painful, but he's in good hands now at hien van spa. Does anyone else find they're pushing down with their leg or foot while she's squeezing hard on an acne? Or they squeeze their phone?? Or is that just me 😳
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I was so excited to see this one. But and it's a big BUT I think it's the worst one that I have seen her she is using cotton and not cleaning them all the way not using her nails to go deep and clean the SAD I was so excited it was ok but you need that. Yes!!!!!
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Ông này bê bối quá, vào cty mình giỏi tới đâu cũng ko nhận. Mặt mụn ko nói, để lông mũi thế kia chưa lị
Leda Botelho . 15/10/2020 04:08:01
Oh Hien. I could only imagine how you feel about treating people with ache this bad. Luckily they have you but they do travel and extracting is painful. They will love the results though. I'm looking forward to seeing his results. Great job!
Christina Kelsey . 15/10/2020 04:07:06
Hien,Another wonderful and informative video. Love learning about skin on your channel. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Please stay safe and healthy awaiting those precious babies. ❤️❤️❤️🌹
Casundra Venable . 15/10/2020 03:55:19
One reason we see so many young men at Hien’s is because of all the pretty young women in miniskirts.
j4587289 . 15/10/2020 03:55:09
You have my utmost respect! You are willing to show the more challenging acne’s that everyone else is afraid to do. ⭐️🤙⭐️
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Love watching you take care of their skin but wish the camera would capture better.
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Hien, you and your staff are so truly care about what you do and it shows in your work and take care of everyone and the safe and keep your awesome videos when you explain procedure❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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I’m noticing a definite pattern to Hien’s videos especially as it relates to severe acne cases. She mentions cosmetics; is that the same as prescription strength topicals that are only available from a doctor in the US? Or is she speaking about OTC or Over The Counter medicines that can be purchased without professional help? I’m curious to learn if part of this gentleman’s suffering is related to products he purchased without guidance as well as trying to manage his acne on his own? (Prying and making acne worse)
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I could see her baby bump at the beginning. Squeeeeee. 🥰
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Excellent work as usual
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Hien you are such a special person! You use your amazing skills to make your clients feel good about themselves and that builds there self confidence! When someone has self confidence they can accomplish so much more in life! I hope you and your family are happy and safe! God bless you!
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We have acne flying everywhere today! You know great work is being done when acne is flying all over the building.
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Another amazing video Hein! I’m thankful he’s come to you to make him for healing!! As always stay well, blessings to your family and babies 💕🥰💕🥰💕
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Thank you for this amazing video
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Lovely outfit, Hein. You're looking gorgeous!
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Wonderful work Hien. Thank you for sharing 💕
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I watched this with pure joy, your skill is just amazing and I know what you're doing for this man. Thank You for sharing this with us 🤪🥴💐
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I'm always impressed with Hien Van's professionalism. The technicians results on their clients are stunning. The Spa always looks clean and sanitary.
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I think skin would be worse here but we have easy access to Drs. and meds. When I was young back in the 50s and 60s people’s skin was much worse than today!
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You are one of the best and I love your videos
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Another wonderful video. I find myself able to spot things I've learned from you like the way cystic acne is connected in trails. In a world where first impressions matter and your face is the first thing people notice about you, it puts a lot of meaning on how important your work is Hien. As always, lots of love and respect. Lisa 💖💞💕💗
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If you take your needle at a 30 degree angle it leaves a lot less scaring when healing. When you go straight in every single spot bleeds that leaves much scaring and scabbing which is not healthy.
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Veda Stevenson . 15/10/2020 01:16:37
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